Django Python

Highbiza uses the open source framework Django in combination with Python for the development of web applications and websites. This combination enables us to make exactly what they need for our customers.

Great speed
Development in Django is efficient. It is a framework that, together with Python, does not allow repetition with the "don't repeat yourself" principle (DRY). This keeps the code clean, compact and clear, and parts can be reused better.

Django Python is modular in both width and depth, from database level to application level functionalities. This makes the framework particularly flexible, efficient and suitable for projects of all sizes. Compare it with building blocks that can be built on top of each other and next to each other. This allows prototypes to be realized at an early stage of the development phase. And are expanded with extra functionalities (bootstrap method).

Suitable from standard to custom work
Django Python is a very versatile framework, with which it can be used for both simple presentation sites and complete custom systems. Thanks to the DRY principle, a simple website remains really simple and clear for the user. Without the countless updates that are often necessary when using CMSs such as Magento, Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla.

Ease of use
Ease of use is central to Django Python, for both the programmer and the end user. A clear, fully customizable admin interface is standard. Users can easily find their way in the backend and all adjustments they want to make to the frontend themselves are possible without explicit knowledge of Django Python.

Open source without vendor lockin
Django Python is completely open source. So using it does not entail any hidden extra costs. There are no user licenses or other mandatory purchases that come with Django, and as a Django system user you are not tied to a single supplier.

Widely used
Django Python is used by a number of large, innovative organizations:

  • Google
  • Netflix
  • Instagram
  • Dropbox
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • The Washington Times
  • Survey Monkey
  • Spotify
  • NASA
  • Prezie


Oscar is a state-of-the-art e-commerce system. It has been set up on the basis of few assumptions, which means that almost every part of the framework can be expanded and adapted well. In this way, complex business rules can be recorded in an elegant and coherent way.

Why Oscar is the best choice
Oscar has an easily expandable high-performance core, where each part can be easily removed, replaced or expanded. This is the main function that allows any project to be accurately captured in the codebase, so without any troublesome work-arounds. Oscar also has a practical set of well-designed models, drawing on the experience of many e-commerce projects, both large and small. The extensive documentation offers good support, including good descriptions for solving possible problems. There is also an extensive test suite.

Oscar has many features that other ecommerce systems often lack
Oscar is a powerful e-commerce system, with many well-functioning solutions that are not standard in other systems. For example, there is a payment module where a single order can be paid with up to 9 different payment sources, using multiple payment partners. Sellers can place orders on behalf of their customers, with allocated budgets managed within the system. There is an existing integration with a range of SAP web services, for catalog and stock updates. A web store can easily contain more than approximately 15 million products, with stocks supplied by many (including international) partners. Updates take place continuously with a Celery driven back-end. There are advanced access control rules that determine which customers can see which products are available. The list of features is huge.

Oscar is used by many larger and smaller online stores, some of which are well-known: Tata Group, Carlsberg, the UK Labor Party, Meridian Audio, Dolbeau. Chyome etc.


The content management system (CMS) Wagtail was developed in 2014 by Torchbox from England. This is done with developers in mind, which leads to the intuitive process. Everything is structured logically. The extensive, loyal developer community is constantly making improvements.

The combination of a website in Python / Django with a Wagtail CMS offers various advantages for both a webmaster and user.
For example, think of:

  • Quick to use thanks to bite-sized modules
  • Very user-friendly: easy to use for a webmaster and content staff
  • Open source, with an extensive community that continuously makes improvements
  • Flexibility: elements and modules can be adjusted entirely according to your wishes. Almost everything is made up of "blocks". Adjustments therefore do not have to be expensive
  • CMS in Dutch
  • Responsive.

Wagtail makes the management of both small and large websites easy. Where with other CMSs a lot of time is spent on content integration, new pages have been created, filled and images added in Wagtail in no time. With this CMS you are guaranteed to spend less time managing a site and you can again focus on producing high quality content. Training is hardly necessary; anyone can use this CMS with an hour of explanation. This CMS provides real time savings for an organization. No matter how many pages a site contains, this will not affect the performance of this CMS.

Please see the Wagtail manual


We do everything we can to safeguard you against all possible irregularities on your site, with, if desired, also checks via penetration tests. We monitor the server at URL level every two minutes. We ping the url and measure the response.

The data is stored on a VPS in Schiphol. It is encrypted and managed via SHA2 with two-factor authentication. Authentication and authorization is organized on the basis of username and password, whereby additional measures such as double authentication or access behind an ht access is also possible. In the event of calamities, such as a data breach, we will place a temporary page with relevant name and address details, analyze what has happened and, if necessary, report to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

You have 100% control and transparency over your data 24 hours a day throughout the week. Traceability is fully possible because we host dedicated, with which we can check all traffic from server logs afterwards. Unauthorized changes to systems and / or configuration are prevented by firewall settings that ensure that an IP address and / or a user is blocked after three incorrect login attempts, whereby additional measures are possible.

Security auditing takes place at least once every two months by automated and manual checks at server and cms level. Naturally, we ensure that the privacy of users and personal data is protected, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.


A webshop must yield conversion. A fast webshop yields more conversion than a slow webshop. Google checks the speed of websites on mobile and desktop and determines the ranking based in part on this page speed. A higher page speed score means a better user experience for the webshop visitor and Google values ​​that with a better ranking. Even the major platforms are struggling to improve their page speed score.

Because the page speed score criterion is becoming increasingly important, we have made some adjustments in our codebase so that the webshop we build for you becomes as fast as possible in the preconditions of the templating. To increase your page speed score even further, we can provide you with a page speed score optimization offer that we get to work at project level. We then optimize the webshop content and the loading of scripts from third parties, such as chat, analytics, etc.


Customization within standard webshop solutions is impossible. At Highbiza we have many features as standard functionality. However, if you want to expand, we can help you with that. Your webshop is an individual webshop that makes smart use of common functionality. That is why so much is already possible at very competitive rates. But if you still have additional wishes, it is relatively easy to offer you a tailor-made solution.

Oscar has a super-scalable, modular structure. Only what is needed is built, in contrast to standard packages such as Magento, which often contain many (superfluous) functionalities by themselves. With Oscar, the code is compact and there is no hindrance from useless material. Within standard packages, this is often the biggest bottleneck and cost driver in further development. All desired functionalities can easily be added via the bootstrap method.


On the features page we have clearly visualized all the options and associated costs for you. The standard subscription is € 89 per month with a minimum term of 2 years. You will receive a standard webshop for this. Because Highbiza has extensively automated the building process of a webshop, we can keep short-term production costs so low. The experienced Dutch programmers at Highbiza can quickly and effectively convert any old webshop or create a completely new webshop.

We can also keep the security and hosting costs low and include them in the basic subscription. This is possible because Oscar only contains the functionality that the webshop needs, without all kinds of useless extras. And because of privacy and security by design Oscar is super fast and secure in itself, which makes excessive hosting capacity and the associated high costs unnecessary.

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