Great security

Hackers relatively often manage to gain easy access to file systems. Especially where there are major overlaps in the field of programming languages ​​and architectural surfaces. There is a relatively small risk in this with an Oscar e-commerce system. Even though 100% security can never be guaranteed, Highbiza has secured your webshop at various levels and we offer fast and effective solutions should anything happen.

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For visitors, a slow loading site is one of the main reasons for leaving a website. Because Oscar does not contain any ballast (only what is needed is built, and then also according to the "don't repeat yourself" principle), the code remains clean and compact. This keeps the loading speed high, also on mobile platforms.

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Super scalable

Oscar has a super-scalable, modular structure. Only what is needed is built. With Oscar, the code is compact and there is no hindrance from useless material. This useless material is often the biggest bottleneck and cost driver in further development within standard packages. With Oscar, all desired functionalities can easily be added via the bootstrap method.

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Low costs

Because Highbiza has extensively automated the process of webshop building, experienced Dutch programmers can quickly and effectively convert your old site. Because Oscar only contains the functionality you need, without all kinds of useless extras, management and hosting costs can be kept low. Due to privacy and security by design, Oscar is super fast and safe, does not require excessive hosting capacity and does not require an endless stream of updates.

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Assemble your webshop
A webshop starting from € 89 per month

Make your own online shop

This price applies to the conversion of Magento webshops and is exclusive of VAT. Interim changes are always possible, including any buy-out. The price is fixed during the term. You will receive a completely (re) built webshop, based on a demo, including maintenance, hosting and management, and security patches. With a very extensive service package, without additional costs.

We do not only convert Magento (1 and 2) webshops, but also all other conceivable webshops, such as WooCommerce, Lightspeed, etc. We also supply new-build webshops with the same attractive options and costs.

After the contract term, you can continue your subscription and cancel it monthly. You can also choose to have a third party host or further develop your webshop. You will have unimpeded access to your site under an open source license.

On the features page you can see which functionalities, such as unlocking data systems, you can add to the standard package. Some of these features have an additional cost per month, other costs are one-time only and some features are even completely free.

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