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Many times safer

In an Oscar environment, one is virtually free from automated hack attacks, which occur frequently in php, such as Magento. Hackers relatively often get easy access to file systems. Especially where there are major overlaps in the area of programming languages and architectural surfaces. With an Oscar surface, people are virtually without risk in this.

Super scalable

Oscar has a super-scalable, modular structure. We only build what is needed, unlike standard packages such as Magento, which often contain many (unnecessary) functionalities. With Oscar, the code is compact and there is no hindrance from useless material. This is often the biggest bottleneck and cost driver in the continued development within standard packages. All desired functionalities can easily be added via the bootstrap method.

> 5 times faster

Charging speeds are a known problem within php platforms such as Magento, which can only be solved with a large hosting capacity. While for visitors, slowness is one of the main reasons for leaving a website. Because Oscar has no ballast in it (it only builds what is needed, and then also according to the 'do not repeat yourself' principle), the code remains clean and compact. This gives a very fast operation, even on mobile platforms.

> 50% lower costs

As a state-of-the-art package, Oscar is at least 50% cheaper than Magento 2.0 or higher. This applies to the (short-term) production costs, because Highbiza has automated the process of webshop building to a far-reaching extent. Experienced European programmers can quickly and easily convert your old site. The management and hosting costs in the long term are also at least half lower. This is possible because Oscar only contains the functionality you need, without all sorts of useless extras. And because of privacy and security by design, Oscar is super fast and secure, does not require excessive hosting capacity and no endless stream of updates that you know from Magento.

Always inclusive

Every package from Highbiza is always complete including:
  • A new, fast, secure and scalable Django Python / Oscar website 
  • Quality hosting 
  • SSL certificate (without domain and organization validation) 
  • Security patches during the term
  • Number of products in accordance with the chosen package 
  • An unlimited number of transactions 
  • 15 user accounts 
  • Responsiveness 
  • Omnichannel-opportunities 
  • Product filters 
  • Multilingualism support for backend and frontend
  • Import and export tools 
  • SEO optimization 
  • Google Analytics 
  • All common payment options: iDEAL, credit card, PayPal, AfterPay 
  • One-step checkout 
  • Return management 
  • E-mail support 
  • Social media 
  • Discount rules 
  • Access for many users 
  • Cloud backup for data 
  • Create unlimited content pages 
  • Free content addition 
  • Many links: Google Maps, Mailchimp etc. 
  • Forms 
  • Training session: free with every 5 year contract 
  • Manual for working with Oscar, digital and screencast.


The following options are available:

  • Domain validation and organizational validation: € 225 per year excl. VAT (price per domain extension) 
  • Training session: € 145 excl. VAT for up to two people 
  • Linking with external data systems such as AFAS, EXACT, SAP, MS DYNAMICS is based on a customized quotation.


The hosting of your website is standard invested with one of the most professional hosting parties in the Netherlands with extensive experience with Django Python and Oscar.

I don't have a Magento shop but still want a Highbiza shop

More information

“We have been working with Highbiza to our full satisfaction for years. With this company you know that the agreements are executed punctually. Highbiza has expertise and understands that a webshop is the vein of your company. For years we have been active in the field of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. But unfortunately we had chosen a Magento site.

The environmental factors are changing rapidly at the moment and the safety of Magento leaves much to be desired. As an entrepreneur, you don't want customer data to be monitored, let alone their payments. So we decided to convert the webshop to Oscar. It uses the latest technology, is completely safe and has loading times that are at least five times as fast as Magento.

However, for a site of 3,000 pages that's a huge operation and therefore a big risk. Just think of the ranking and the proposition. The way in which Highbiza handled this, is in our opinion unbelievable. Our proposition is many times stronger at the moment. The guidance that we got from Highbiza almost suggested as if it was in their personal interest to make our webshop as successful as possible. I can only recommend that every entrepeneur converts their Magento webshop to Oscar as soon as possible.

Every day that you keep on going with Magento is a day too much. In the end we should have converted our webshop much sooner. Now we have an amazing website, mobile 100% internet proof and with SEO capabilities that are many times better than before. We are so pleased with Highbiza that we'd love to tell other webshop owners about the enormous opportunities that they'll have when converting from Magento to Oscar. Just view our webshop at https://www.shabbytreats.com.

Jayne Kerpel, owner of ShabbyTreats.

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