Quality floats above

A high-quality webshop requires maintenance and structural management. Highbiza considers the maintenance of its products to be important. For this, we use an automated testing environment. In addition, we manage our webshops extensively.

Our approach also guarantees the continuity of your webshop. Building blocks can always be added because your webshop has a solid foundation. The content management system (CMS) that Highbiza offers is user-friendly, even for those without technical expertise.

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Best boy of the class

Google ranks websites and determines how high you end up in search results. Google's requirements for this change continuously. This is logical, as our internet usage is subject to change. As a webshop owner, you want to rank high, and Highbiza endorses and recognizes this. How does Google determine how high you rank? One way is by looking at the loading speed of a page. A faster page loading speed means a better user experience, and Google rewards this with a better ranking. The speed of a site is a technical issue.

At Highbiza, we are able to achieve a loading speed of ninety percent or higher with our platform and technical expertise. For example, we ensure that images have the correct dimensions, our response time is minimal, we follow the Google Page Speed Diagnostic Recommendations, and we use the latest techniques in CSS to minimize the use of JavaScript. Special actions must be taken to make a page load quickly. When it comes to the loading speed of a site on a mobile device, we are the best in the class.


The most important principle of Highbiza is maintaining its products. To achieve this, we use an automated testing environment. The tests, which are performed automatically every night, not only monitor the functionality of the website/webshop, but also check its appearance. In addition, we also ensure the security of the website/webshop.



With our approach, we guarantee the continuity of the webshop. This means you can decide to add extra building blocks to your webshop, or perhaps you want to make connections with data systems. Adding extra products does not require any adjustments to the webshop. However, making connections with data systems does require adjustments. This is not a problem because the webshop has a solid foundation. Building blocks can therefore be added to your webshop at any time. Rebuilding is not necessary!


The content management system (CMS) offered by Highbiza is user-friendly. Even a novice can easily work with it. A comprehensive manual with text and video examples is available on the Highbiza website. With the help of this manual, you can make the most common adjustments to your webshop by yourself. In this way, Highbiza makes managing a webshop accessible to everyone.


Across the board

By developing the standardization, Highbiza has made management easier. We manage our webshops "across the board". When a problem is fixed with a particular building block, all webshops with that building block benefit from it. Often, one solution is sufficient for several webshops. In addition, Highbiza uses standard software that is automatically updated.