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Meanwhile, we have three sites running on Highbiza. The first two were Magento sites that were rebuilt, and the third site is a completely new webshop. Based on the experiences of the first two sites, it was a no-brainer to also place this third site with Highbiza. We are particularly drawn to the fact that we can make adjustments to the sites ourselves. Our sites are,, and

Gidon Dorgelo


Initially, we were skeptical about the feasibility of the project. After all, we have more than a million products in our range. However, we can now state that the site runs well and stable and that we have full control over the content of the site by using the API. The loading speed of the site is excellent. We are available to discuss our experiences with potential clients.

Robbie Leerkes


with a site of 3,000 pages, this is a huge operation and therefore a significant risk. Think of the ranking and proposition. The way Highbiza has done this, in our opinion, is incredible. Our proposition is currently much stronger. The guidance from Highbiza was almost as if it was their personal interest. I cannot recommend enough to every entrepreneur to convert their Magento webshop to Oscar as soon as possible.

Geert Kerpel