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The conversion of your Magento webshop is a good choice. Magento is slow, and therefore you gain less results. We convert your Magento webshop qualitative at Highbiza. And, by doing the conversion of your webshop, we stand for a full migration process. Meaning we also take SEO in account. Hence, your findability will continue to exist, or its even being optimized. Would you like to convert your Magento webshop? Then you are in the right place at Highbiza. We provide the best quality when it comes to webshop conversion or design. Would you like to speak to one of our experts directly? Contact us now! You can start first with having a look at our webshop packages: this might be the right choice for you.

Magento migration for better revenue results

Magento functions badly nowadays. The platform is characterized by several disadvantages. Slow speed and high expenses bother most users. Would you like to gain better results? Then a migration of Magento is a good idea. With a converted Magento shop, you can count on more revenue. Definitely when we do it at Highbiza, where migration also means optimization.

Why is it important to realize SEO migration too?

With the migration of a Magento webshop, it is of great importance that you continue to consider your SEO strategy. It should not be that the texts where you have been found on for years, suddenly does not have any value anymore. This is for example one of the topics that we pay a lot of attention to.

Count on expertise and support with a Magento migration at Highbiza

At Highbiza we look beyond the migration process only. We find it important to support you proactively. Do we see optimization possibilities? For example on the field of SEO? Then, you can expect 100% that we will support you with this. Our team of specialists and engineers provide the quality that you may expect.

Magento migration to a better platform? Webshop conversion specialist Highbiza arranges it for you!

Would you like to have a better webshop because you have the feeling that Magento is not working properly anymore? Then you are in the right place at Highbiza. We provide quality with our webshop conversions. Also, we take in account your findability and more. Would you like to know what you can expect first, before accumulating any costs? Consider to try our free demo. Would you like to start directly with your Magento migration? Then, Contact the migration experts from Highbiza now. We are ready to help you: we would like to make your new webshop a success.

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