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Are you still working with a Magento webshop? In that case, it could be possible that you are experiencing problems with its loadingspeed. Magento can be pretty slow at the front and back end. Did you know that due to this, you are getting less conversions? This is a big risk. A bad functioning webshop causes less conversions. Luckily we, at Highbiza, can help you properly. We can convert your Magento webshop to a ‘State of the Art’ system called Oscar. With this system you will not experience low loadingspeeds. Would you like to speak directly to someone from Highbiza? Please get in touch with us here. Our experts are happy to help!

Webshop conversion to Magento: less conversion due to speed

In the context of webshops, conversions are easy to define, namely through the number of sales of your products. It is the case that Magento webshops are slow. First of all, this means that it takes longer for customers to finalize the buying process. This leads to less conversion. On top of that, a slow webshop leads to ‘bouncers’. What exactly does that mean, a ‘bouncer’? It defines someone who leaves your webshop, without finishing the conversion. Hence, summarized:

  • Magento works slow: finalizing the buying process tkaes longer and leads to less conversion.
  • Magento works slow: customers leave the webshop before the buying process in finalized.

Easier said, a slow webshop may significantly decrease your possible revenue. The conversion of a webshop to a better webshopsystem is therefore a good investment.

Magento conversion: more speed | Highbiza

Oscar as a fast webshop system

Are you affected by the slow speed of Magento? Then it might be a good idea to consider a switch. Here at Highbiza we can provide the conversion of your webshop to Oscar. With this, you can trust having a webshopsystem at high quality. Oscar is fast, affordable and safe. You can count on a proper increase in revenue with a fast Oscar webshop!

Converting Magento for more speed? Highbiza does it for you!

You work with Magento, or another webshop system that you rather would get rid of. You would like to convert your webshop, and preferrably as affordable as possible. We, at Highbiza, can help you: we provide a qualitative webshop conversion to Oscar. Oscar is affordable, Oscar is fast and Oscar is safe. You can count on a well functioning webshop. Would you firstly like to know what it is exactly that you can expect, before spending any money? In that case, its possible to request a free demo. The free demo shows you what you can expect from Oscar, without accumulating any costs. Do you have more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you!

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