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Are you currently still working with a Magento webshop? Then it is possible that you find many obstructions. Magento is not anymore what it used to be. Instead of an expensive and drastic Magento update, a conversion becomes more and more attractive. But, to which webshop system do you convert? Here at Highbiza we provide the conversion from your current webshop to Oscar. Oscar is a highly qualitative webshop system, and once using Oscar you can count on more conversions. Are you already interested in the conversion of your webshop, or do you still have additional questions? In that case, feel free to contact our webshop experts.

First of all: why stop using Magento?

Magento is still an often used webshop system. Did you know that worldwide there are approximately 250.000 Magento webshops used? This system has been popular for a very long time. However, currently Magento is not functioning as it should anymore as a webshop system. A Magento conversion is therefore a good option:

  • Magento is slow
  • Less conversions because of slow speed
  • Bouncers due to slow working Magento webshop
  • Magento requires expensive updates and installments
  • Magento will stop per June 2020 with support for Magento 1.x
  • The required hosting capacity for a good working Magento webshop is huge

Enough reasons to choose for a conversion of your Magento webshop. We advise the conversion to Oscar.

Why oscar after conversion webshop? | Highbiza

The advantages of a Oscar webshopsystem

Oscar is a fast and qualitative webshop system. With an Oscar webshop you can rest assured that you will have more conversions, meaning more revenue. The powerful core of Oscar, compact codes and structure provide a very good webshop.

Webshop specialist Highbiza for Magento conversion

You can leave the conversion of a Magento webshop to us. We will assure that your webshop will be converted exactly as you would like. Our team of programmers and webshop experts will make sure that your webshop will be exactly like you requested.

Interested in a faster and better webshop? Leave it to Highbiza!

Are you done with a slow functioning Magento webshop and would you like work from now onwards with a ‘State of Art’ webshop system? Highbiza is ready to fully support you in this conversion (and after the conversion process). The greatest thing is, with us you could start with a free trial. In this way, you will know without accumulating costs, what is waiting for you with the Oscar system. Do you have any questions about Magento 1.9, Magento 2.0, Magento in its overall, Oscar or the services from Highbiza? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our webshop experts will give you tailored advice!

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