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Are you working with a Magento webshop? You are not the only one: around 250.000 webshops worldwide are still running on Magento. Now it is the case, that Magento is not functioning as good as it always used to do. The need of change has therefore increased. But where to start? Is a webshop conversion not a lot of hassle? The answer is no: not at Highbiza. We convert your webshopto Oscar. Oscar is a very qualitative choice after converting your Magento shop. We happily explain you more about it in this article. Would you like to speak to someone from Highbiza directly? Contact us now so that we are able to advise you.

The annoyances characterizing Magento are feeding the feeling of conversion necessity

Magento is nowadays characterized by issues. Magento requires many updates and installations in order to function normally. Besides, Magento requires a lot of hosting capacity. All together it is an expensive option, which you should change for the better.

Oscar: THE webshop system of this moment

At Highbiza we provide webshop conversion to the qualitative system Oscar. Oscar is a class A system that you can really rely on. Namely, Oscar is super fast, and very scalable. That means that the possibilities are endless, without sacrificing speed. Besides, Oscar is an affordable webshop variant compared to Magento.

Qualitative Magento conversion at Highbiza

Converting a Magento webshop? Then you are definitely in the right place at Highbiza. Our team of experienced experts will ensure that your webshop will be converted exactly the way you want it to. Did you know that we are also affordable? With low monthly fees we can support you sustainably and affordably. That way, we can ensure that your webshop is always functioning perfectly.

Converting your webshop affordably and improving its quality? Let Highbiza arrange it for you!

The conversion of a webshop does not have to be an expensive and time consuming occupation. At Highbiza we are ready to convert with quality for a low fee. We offer you affordable monthly rates and daily care. We are here for you and your online success. Would you like to convert your webshop to the qualitative ‘State of the Art’ system Oscar? Request the free demo from Highbiza or start directly with our specialized webshop team. Do not hesitate to contact us if you still have remaining questions. Our webshop experts are always ready to talk to you and advise you personalized regarding the possibilities.

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