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The migration of a Magento webshop happens more and more often nowadays. Webshop owners are bothered by the deprecated php platform. The conversion of a Magento shop requires skills, and we can offer those to you at Highbiza. At Highbiza we ensure that also SEO aspects are looked at. We find it important that you keep your findability, or increase your findability! Quality and customized service are checkpoints with a Magento migration by Highbiza. Would you like to start directly? Contact our specialists! We are ready to support you from A to Z.

Is your SEO findability getting lost once converting your Magento shop?

It is very important to migrate your SEO as well, when doing a Magento migration. We always make sure that this happens. Through keeping the linked structure and SEO content, you will continue to stay as findable as you were before. Also, if we see opportunities for improvement, we will advise and notify you accordingly!

Optimization possible? We advise and provide solutions!

Is optimization possible with regards to your SEO? If we notify this during the Magento conversion process, we will inform you accordingly. We will sit down with you and explain what the optimization possibilities are. We also provide you with a solution. Eventually, we strive to support you as much as possible. Your success with e-commerce is important to us.

Working with a ‘State of the Art’ webshop platform Oscar

At Highbiza we convert your Magento shop to a State of the Art webshop system Oscar. Oscar is characterized by high quality. With Oscar, you can count on a system that prioritizes speed. Speed, safety, scalability and affordability are typical aspects of Oscar.

Start your Magento migration at Highbiza

Are you interested in converting your Magento webshop? Then we are here to support you. At Highbiza you can count on the most complete support possible. We will make sure that your converted webshop will have striking results, ensuring all aspects are thought out. Next to that, the costs are low too: we provide affordable webshop packages. Besides, it is always possible to test a free demo first: then you know exactly what you can expect. Would you like to start directly with Highbiza? Contact our specialized team now!

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