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With a well functioning webshop you can obviously expect more revenue. However, it is still the case that with many webshop systems ‘well functioning’ is not guaranteed. Think for example about Magento. Magento gives little advantages when it comes to running a webshop. The conversion of Magento is therefore a good solution. At Highbiza we convert your Magento shop to the qualitative platform called Oscar. With this, you can expect a higher revenue and easier usage of the webshop. Are you interested in the Magento migration services Highbiza has to offer? Contact us now!

The disadvantages of Magento summed up:

Magento is being characterized by several disadvantages. Lets sum up a few of them:

  • Magento is slow (at the front and back end)
  • Magento is expensive
  • Magento requires a lot of hosting capacity
  • Magento receptive for hack attacks
  • And more…

All these reasons above should already be enough to convince you to convert to a better system…

How do you increase revenue with a Magento conversion?

After converting your Magento shop, you can count on more revenue. A fast webshop with a better overview is more pleasant for all parties: the buyer, and of course for you. With this, conversion speed will be increased leading to more product sales for you. Therefore you can expect to have an increment in revenue, if you decide to convert your poor functioning webshop.

The affordable services from Highbiza for webshop conversion and design from Highbiza

At Highbiza we find it important to help you generate more revenue. Therefore, we provide optimization for your webshop so revenue can increase. Besides, our webshop migration services are affordable but still qualitative. Through our helpful webshop packages we can provide you with long term support, for a low fee.

Converting Magento webshop? Migration specialists from Highbiza arrange it for you

Are you interested in increasing your revenue by converting your Magento webshop? At Highbiza, you are in the right place. We stand for qualitative webshop conversion, and optimization at the same time. It is always pleasant to be able to work in a proper test environment. Therefore, we offer the option of trying our free demo so you know what you can expect. Of course, you are not accumulating any costs yet. Are you interested in converting your Magento shop? Would you like to start directly? Contact our specialists!

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