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Imagine this: you are working with Magento as a webstore system. You spend a lot of money, and you are still not satisfied. What to do? Is it wise to install yet another plug-in? Should you buy another update? Our answer: no. It is best to just leave Magento for what it is, and start working with a better e-commerce system. At Highbiza, we can convert your Magento Online Store to Oscar. We will make sure this is done the right way, and we will make sure the price is right. Interested? Or do you just want to get informed a bit more? Contact us, and we will help you!

Why is it better to stop using Magento?

Magento has been a top player in the e-commerce market for many years. Recently, Magento isn’t functioning the way it should any more. Magento is defined by some very annoying cons:

  • Magento is very slow. Magento needs a lot of hosting capacity to even function normally.
  • Magento is very expensive.
  • Magento requires a lot of updates.
  • As of June 2020, Magento will stop support for Magento 1.9 (and lower versions).

Enough reasons to start considering a better option…

Class A e-commerce platform Oscar explained

At Highbiza, we will convert your webstore to Oscar (running on Django Python). Oscar is a high quality Online Store platform. Oscar is a very fast system, because it only uses the capacity it needs. Also; Oscar is very safe! No more automated hack attacks. And the funny thing is: Oscar can be up to 50% cheaper compared to Magento!

Oscar as a platform after Magento conversion | Highbiza

Affordable webstore conversion services at Highbiza

At Highbiza, we think it is important to combine great service and quality with a good price. Because of this, we offer our services for a longer period of time at a low price. Through our Online Store Packages, you can pay as little as € 89,99 a month for conversion and support.

Done with your Magento store? Highbiza will take care of conversion affordably!

Do you want to stop using Magento as a webstore system? Highbiza will take care of it. We will convert your Magento webstore to the Class A system Oscar. Do you want to make sure Oscar is the right fit? Just try a free demo. This way, you know what you’re in for before you even spend money. Interested? Just contact us, and we will take care of the rest!

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