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Magento migration is done more often nowadays. However, it still happens that people drop the ballwith this migration process. People forget often the importance of SEO (search engine optimization).By forgetting about SEO migration, the findability of your webshop decreases significantly. AtHighbiza we convert your webshop qualitative, and keep in mind all the importance of all aspects.Would you like to start with our webshop specialists? At Highbiza we are ready to convert yourwebshop properly. We vouch for quality and affordability. Would you like to speak someone fromHighbiza directly? Contact us now: we will ensure that your Magento shop migration will be realisedquickly.

What is the importance of SEO for your webshop?

SEO has, as you most likely know, an impact on the findability of your content. Through the longerexistence of qualitative texts online, your text will increase in findability. This is findability withoutusing your advertising budget. And are you converting a Magento shop? Then it will affect you if youforget to migrate your SEO. That will make you lose your findability.

SEO migration with Magento migration by Highbiza

At Highbiza we have knowledge about SEO and we know exactly how to migrate your webshop. Withthis we convert to Oscar. And with this conversion we ensure that your findability does not decrease.Even better: we advise you where needed. If we see SEO optimization possibilities, we will let youknow during the migration process.

Migration of Magento and SEO migration| Highbiza

Affordable Magento conversion by migration specialist Highbiza

At Highbiza we provide affordable conversion of your Magento shop. We offer a diverse range ofwebshop packages. Through these packages, it is possible to offer monthly support. The montly feefor these packages is low! And, affordability does not mean bad quality here. We provide qualitativewebshop conversion for an affordable rate.

Converting Magento? Specialist Highbiza arranges it for you!

You can leave your webshop conversion with SEO migration to us. We ensure that your webshop willincrease its results after the migration. We convert Magento shops, but of course also otherplatforms. Think for example of Wooncommerce or Shopify. And, the good thing is: we provide agood environment for you to run tests first. Hence, do not forget to try our free demo first. Wouldyou like to start directly with your Magento conversion? Contact the Highbiza migration specialistsnow. We are ready to support you!

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