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It is a saddening truth: Magento functions badly nowadays. Many complaints are voiced regarding Magento, also here to us. By carrying the unnecessary weight, Magento needs a lot of hosting capacity. This makes Magento slow and also expensive. Now, of course we provide a solution here at Highbiza. We migrate Magento webshops to a better platform, called Oscar. While doing so, we take into account all important aspects that come with migrating a webshop. Would you like to have more information regarding the migration of Magento? Or would you like to start directly with our specialized webshop system? Contact us now: we are happy to help.

Important aspects to look out for when migrating Magento

Of course, it feels better to leave the conversion of your Magento webshop to experts. Experts, that take in to account all necessary aspects. Hence, that is us: while converting your Magento webshop we will take all necessary aspects in to account. Think for example of the following points:

  • Findability: we ensure your webshop will increase its findability.
  • SEO: all SEO will be migrated too
  • Searching for optimization: we will advise you if aspects can be improved.
  • Safety
  • Speed

All the above will be done for an affordable webshop conversion rate, through our helpful webshop packages.

Quitting Magento, and now what?

You have decided to convert your Magento wesbhop. But, to which platform will it actually be converted? At Highbiza we convert to Oscar. Oscar is a highly qualitative system. With Oscar you can count on speed, safety, scalability and more.

Discussion partner and webshop specialist Highbiza for the long run

At Highbiza we feel that it is important to support you the best way possible. This means that we offer you help on the long term. Thus, we are always ready to advise you where needed. Do we see improvement points? We will let you know directly. Even better: we will provide you with a fitting solution. If it is concerning SEO, new hosting or otherwise; we are happy to help you gain more revenue through your webshop.

Starting the Magento migration project? Highbiza is ready!

Would you like to start with your Magento migration? At Highbiza we will arrange this for you. Feel free to try the free demo first. Then you know exactly what you can expect from us (and Oscar). Would you like to speak to someone from Highbiza directly? Contact our webshop team!

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