Magento is very slow: webstore conversion a good idea

A slow e-commerce platform is bad for business. It can cost you a lot of time and money. And to top it off: potential customers will bounce if a webstore is slow. Are you working with Magento as a Online Store Platform? Are you annoyed by its slow character? Maybe it is time to consider a switch to a better webstore platform. Highbiza offers a solution for the Magento switch: we will convert your Magento store to Oscar. Oscar is a high quality system. Are you interested in Online Store Conversion by Highbiza? You can always contact us: we will explain to you how we can convert your webstore perfectly.

What makes Magento slow?

Magento is running on a php platform and it needs a lot of hosting capacity. Magento carries a lot of unnecessary weight. Do you want a normal functioning Magento Store? Then, you will have to buy loads of hosting capacity. This really isn’t a good solution…

Why should you convert your webstore to another system?

When your Magento webstore is running slow, you are losing revenue every day. Also: Magento is very expensive. A lot of installations and updates are needed. Enough reason to start considering a switch. Magento conversion to Oscar is a very good option if you want to renew your store!

The Online Store Solution: Switch Magento to Oscar

Highbiza converts your Magento store to a better system: Oscar. Oscar is known to be a ‘State of the Art’ webstore system. Oscar knows a lot of benefits and qualities: - Oscar is very fast- Oscar is scalable: options are endless!- Oscar is safe: no more automated hack-attacks!- Oscar is cheap (but still good of course)- And more…Does all this sound good to you? Why not try a Magento switch to a better e-commerce system?

Magento is very slow: webstore conversion a good idea

Webstore Migration specialist Highbiza

If you want to make sure your Online Store conversion is done right, working with a professional is necessary. Highbiza can help you with your Magento conversion. With a team of specialists and programmers, we will make sure your webstore is converted perfectly. 

Quit Magento and switch to a better Online Store platform? Let Highbiza take care of it for you!

Do you want to quit your Magento store and start working with a better Online Store System? Highbiza will make sure you get the best! Try a free demo first? This way you know what you get before you pay any money. Do not hesitate to contact us: we want to help you with the conversion process!

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