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A slow websop is one of the biggest annoyances within the world of e-commerce. Slow loading speeds are not only causing annoyances with customers: also webshop owners are bothered by it. This makes sense, because a slow webshop results in less revenue. Are you working with a Magento webshop? Then you must have noticed before that this webshop system is tremendously slow. But what to do? Is a Magento webshop conversion not extremely expensive and time consuming? Not really, is what we can tell you at Highbiza. We provide an affordable webshop conversion to make sure you will not have to deal with the slow Magento system anymore. Are you interested in converting your Magento webshop? Contact our webshop specialists. We are ready to support you from A to Z.

Why is Magento so slow?

Magento is a php platform. This platform knows a very extensive complexity and carries unnecessary problems. This means that Magento needs a huge amount of hosting capacity, to make sure the webshop functions anything close to normal. This is of course unnecessary: there are many other ways to have a quick functioning webshop, without experiencing slow loading speeds. At Highbiza we have a good solution for this.

Magento conversion as a solution? Possible but with the right system

Are you, just like 250.000 other webshop owners, still working with the slow Magento system? Then it is important to find a solution for this. The conversion of a Magento webshop could lead to the solution in this situation. Especially if the conversion of Magento is being done to a better system! At Highbiza we convert your Magento webshop to Oscar. Oscar is a webshop system that is being characterized by high quality. Oscar is fast, scalable, safe and also affordable.

Magento slow? Unfortunately yes…| Highbiza

Professional webshop engineers at Highbiza

Starting to convert your webshop on your own might not always be the right decision. It is better to leave a conversion process to real specialists. At Highbiza we provide therefore also webshop conversion to Oscar. With this, our specialized programmers are assuring customized service. By good listening and good collaboration, we assure that your webshop will become exactly what you expect it to be.

Replacing Magento for a better system? Highbiza is ready to fully support you

Are you interested in the services offered by webshop specialist Highbiza? Do not hesitate to contact us. We offer affordable services in the form of webshop packages, also with conversion. Would you like to know first what you can expect? Then try our free demo. This way, you are not directly accumulating costs, but you can decide whether our services fit your requests.

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