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At Highbiza, we always listen close to news about the world of e-commerce. This way, we also heard some bad news about Magento. Magento isn’t functioning how it is supposed to be functioning nowadays. A lot of Magento webstore owners don’t know what to do… They are looking for better ways to sell their products online. But how can you realise this? At Highbiza we offer a good solution: we will convert your Magento store to the ‘State of the Art’ system Oscar. Do you want to speak to our specialists directly? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

What’s the problem with e-commerce system Magento?

For years and years, Magento has been one of the leading e-commerce systems. The thing is, that Magento seems to be ignoring lots of innovations which other e-commerce platforms are using. This makes Magento a very slow webstore system to work with. Updates take a lot of time, maintenance is expensive and difficult and there is a lot of hosting space needed. And tot top it all off, Magento will quit support for Magento 1.9 (and lower) as of June 2020…

Rebuilding your slow Magento webstore into a high speed store

Working with a slow webstore system is very annoying. Rebuilding your Magento store into a new webstore is the best solution in this case. At Highbiza, we will convert your Magento store to Oscar. Oscar is a qualitative e-commerce system with a lot of benefits:

  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Scalability
  • Affordability
  • And more…

At Highbiza, we know everything about the fine Oscar Technology. This way, we can perfectly convert your Magento store into a better Online Store system.

Webstore experts Highbiza: we are ready to help you with webstore conversion

At Highbiza, we work in a team of experienced programmers and webstore builders. Our specialisms make it so, that we can convert your Magento store perfectly. And while our services are of high quality, we are also affordable. Through our webstore packages, we can of you long term support at a low price.

Do you want to convert your Magento webstore? Highbiza is ready to support you!

Do you want to convert your Magento webstore affordably to a better e-commerce system? We will make it happen at Highbiza. Do you have any questions about Magento, Oscar or about our services? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our webstore experts will advise you!

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