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Magento migration is nowadays considered more and more by webshop owners. Magento is not anymore what it once used to be. But where to start? And what do you need to consider when converting a Magento webshop? At Highbiza we can arrange the entire conversion process down to the last detail. With this, we are even talking about an affordable webshop migration, where quality is not being sacrificed for price. We are here for you at Highbiza. Would you like to start directly with the migration of your Magento shop? Then do not hesitate and contact our experts now.

Why is Magento migration of interest?

Migration of Magento is important, because Magento is nowadays characterized by problems. Magento costs a lot of money and is continuously asking for new updates and installations. Next to that, Magento is very slow. This all together means you can expect a decrease in revenue due to a dysfunctional shop. Converting your Magento shop is therefore a very good option.

What do we take in accunt when we convert your webshop?

At Highbiza we provide Magento webshop conversions. While doing so, we take several important points into account. Saying this, you can think of the following aspects:

  • We offer a proper test environment through our free demo
  • We take into account the positions of your main keywords
  • Landing pages are being analysed on findability
  • The linking structure is being optimized
  • And more…

Affordable quality with webshop conversion by Highbiza

The conversion of a Magento shop does not necessarily have to be expensive. At Highbiza we convert your webshop affordabily. With this, we do naturally still provide the right quality. We convert to Oscar. And, Oscar knows many advantages:

  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Affordability
  • Scalability
  • And much more

You can leave your qualitative and affordable Magento migration to us!

Magento conversion to a better system? Highbiza is ready to support!

You found the right company when it comes to a qualitative and affordable conversion to a better platform, if you work with Highbiza. We deliver quality and stand for results. We will take the necessary aspects into account when migrating Magento. SEO, speed, safety and more. At Highbiza we even offer you to try our free demo. With our free demo it is possible to know what you can expect from us, before accumulating any costs. Would you like to start directly? For a low price you can choose one of our webshop packages! Would you like to speak to one of our webshop experts? Contact us now!

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