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Are you considering to convert your Magento webshop? That would be a good decision: Magento is currently a less convenient platform to work with. And, that can not be meant that way. In these times of e-commerce, it is important to have a proper functioning webshop. Therefore, we convert your Magento shop at Highbiza, and ensure we can optimize as much as possible. Next to that, at Highbiza we can provide this at low costs. After all, we would like that you can convert your webshop without losing too much time and revenue. Would you like to start directly with the webshop experts from Highbiza? Contact us now: we are ready to help!

Requested (or unrequested) advice with migration of Magento by Highbiza

Imagine: you are asking us to help you convert your webshop. That means that we will directly give you everything we have got. And, because of our experience of conversion and webshops in general, we know exactly how to recognize where the possible improvement points are. Therefore, we will advise you without any obligations on the field of webshop optimization, besides that we can convert your webshop perfectly.

Results for long term with Magento conversion

With a converted Magento shop you can count on better results. Your webshop functions better, findability stays good or will be improved and your revenue grows. At Highbiza we convert your webshop to a State of the Art webshop system:

Oscar as replacing webshop system

Oscar is a highly qualitative platform for your webshop. Oscar knows diverse advantages that you can profit from. Meaning, Oscar is fast, safe and therewith also a lot more affordable than Magento. And, did you know too that Oscar is very scalable? Options are limitless with this qualitative system!

Interested in webshop conversion? Highbiza migrates Magento and more

Converting a webshop can become a necessity at a certain point. Definitely when you notice that your revenue is decreasing due to complications… At Highbiza we convert your Magento shop (or other type of webshop) to Oscar. Oscar is a qualitative system where you can really count on. No unneeded issues, no unnecessary updates and low costs. Would you like to try a free demo first? That is possible with us! We find it important that you know what you can expect before you accumulate any costs. Would you like to know more about our affordable webshop packages or Magento migration? Or would you like to ask some questions to one of our specialists? Contact us now: we are ready to support you!

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