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The conversion of a Magento webstore is quite common nowadays. Magento has proven to be a slow system and requires constant updates. Do you still work with Magento and do you consider a transition to another online store system? In this case it’s always pleasant to get some assistance from webstore conversion specialists. We at Highbiza rebuild your webstore into a high quality Oscar system. Do you wish to get in touch with one of Highbiza’s webstore specialist right away? Don’t hesitate and contact us! We are ready to make your online store into a grand success.

Webstore conversion from Magento to Oscar: Oscar is safe

A safe Online Store is very important. Think of all the data you are collecting from buyers: it is of utmost importance that this data is kept safe. With the introduction of the AVG-law, the importance of safety and privacy has become even greater. In addition it can cost you a lot of money if you’ll get targeted by (for instance) automated hacking attacks. Oscar is protected of such hacking attacks. Oscar is a safe system, where you can always count on the safety of your files. For this reason alone a Magento to Oscar conversion would be very useful to say the least. But in addition…

The scalability of Oscar: a big improvement to Magento

Oscar has a modular build-up which enables scalability. Oscar is built in such a way that it’s not including unnecessary files. This allows for more space for a ton of different options and functionalities. In that sense it is possible to build a Oscar webstore in many different ways. The Oscar code is compact and does not receive any hinder from useless data. This is yet another valid reason to convert your old Magento webstore.

Magento conversion to Oscar: high quality | Highbiza

Oscar is five times faster than Magento!

Slow loading times are typical for php-platforms such as Magento. These problems can only be solved by increasing the hosting capacity. Oscar has a system where unnecessary ‘load’ is left out. In this way Oscar makes for a very fast webstore system. Did you know that Oscar works a whopping five times faster than Magento, without using much more hosting capacity for this?

Magento conversion into a ‘state of the art’ Oscar system? Choose the service of Highbiza

Do you want a faster webstore and is Magento not doing it for you? In this case a transition is a great idea. At Highbiza we take care of your transfer to Oscar. Oscar is characterized, as described, by a lot of advantages. Besides all of this, a collaboration with Highbiza knows many more advantages. We work with smart webstore packages, where everything has been thought of. Do you wish to speak with one of our webstore specialists? Please contact us! We’ll gladly advise you about the possibilities of a Magento webstore conversion.

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