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The world of e-commerce has seen a huge upwards trend in the past few years. More and more ‘physical’ shops choose for online sales, and e-commerce only shops are popping up everywhere. The foundation of a succesful webshop starts obviously with the webshop system. However, it is the case that many entrepreneurs are still working with Magento. The problem is that Magento is not functioning anymore the way we were used to it. This means that converting a Magento webshop is a good idea. Highbiza supports with this: we can convert your webshop to a qualitative system. Would you like to convert your Magento webshop? Contact our webshop specialists and programmers!

Why convert Magento to another webshop system?

As mentioned Magento is no longer funtioning the way it used to do. Magento is characterized by several problems:

  • Magento is slow
  • Magento requires regularly heavy installations and updates
  • Magento is not safe (think about automatic hack attacks)
  • Magento is expensive
  • Magento requires huge hosting capacity for mediocre fuctions
  • Support stops for Magento 1.9 and lower

Enough reasons to consider a switch to a qualitative system.

Magento conversion? Good choice! | Highbiza

Webshop conversion: Oscar is a good choice

It is important to convert Magento to a qualitative system. At Highbiza we provide a solution in this context: we convert to Oscar. Oscar is a webshop system that can be build on afterwards.

  • Oscar is fast
  • Oscar is scalable (there are many possibilities)
  • Oscar is safe
  • And Oscar is affordable…

Converting Magento to Oscar, arranged by Highbiza

At Highbiza we can convert your Magento shop very affordably to the qualitative system Oscar. Our programmers and webshop experts have knowledge to great extent regarding both Magento and Oscar. With this you can rest assured that the webshop will turn out exactly as you wish.

Magento conversion? That is a great choice! Highbiza is here for you

A webshop should function without problems. Low loadingspeeds, complicated installations and bugs do just not belong there. Unfortunately Magento experiences these problems often. Would you like a webshop without trouble? Convert your Magento webshop to Oscar by Highbiza. We offer an affordable webshop conversion with longlasting support from our webshop packages. Would you like to have a look first, knowing what you are getting yourself in to? We offer a free demo for you. Ready to start with Highbiza for your webshop conversion? Contact us now and we are happy to assist you!

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