Magento conversion for better results

A good functioning webstore is not only nice to have: it is very important. When a webstore isn’t functioning well, this could lead to loss of profit. At Highbiza, we hear more and more about the problems with Magento. Magento isn’t functioning as well as it should... This is making a lot of Online Store owners agitated. But despite of this, a lot of entrepreneurs are still working with the Magento system. Shouldn’t you consider a Magento conversion to a better webstore system? At Highbiza, we underline the importance of a good functioning webstore. We offer affordable packages when it comes to a webstore conversion. Would you like to talk to someone from Highbiza? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Are you still running your webstore on Magento?

Still, as many as 250.000 webshop owners are using Magento worldwide. Magento is fully available since 2008, and is used for many webstores. The only thing is: Magento is becoming less and less profitable for Online Store Owners. Are you still working with Magento? A conversion is something to consider…

Quitting the Magento Webstore System: Magento conversion

Why would it be a good idea to rebuild your Magento store into another webshop system? First of all, Magento is a rather slow webstore system. Loading pages takes a long time at the front end, for example. Also; Magento is quitting support for Magento 1.9 shops (and lower versions) as of June 2020. Is there a problem with your 1.x Magento shop? No support will be available for you! For the rest, Magento is requiring loads of updates and installations. These cost a lot of time.

Magento conversion for better results

Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-functioning webstore

A webstore has to function fully. Are you selling multiple products through an Online Store? You can expect to lose profit when your store isn’t functioning fully. This can have a bad impact on your company. Converting your Magento store is a good idea because of all this.

Convert Magento: to which Online Store System?

At Highbiza, we will convert your Online Magento Store to Oscar, running on Django Python. Oscar is a high quality webstore system. You can count on high scalability, speed an good support when problems occur.

Magento conversion to a better Online Store system? Highbiza makes it happen for you!

Do you want to convert your Magento shop to another system? It’s time for a change! At Highbiza we can convert your Magento shop to a better system. Do you want to know what you’re in for before you start spending money? You can always try a free demo! And have you decided to work with Highbiza? In that case, you can still count on low costs. Contact us if you have any questions, or if you want to start the conversion process right away!

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