Magento conversion, to another webshop system? Smart choice!

Are you working with a webshop system that does not satisfy you? That is not what it should be. Webshops should operate quickly, and not bring any complications. The loss in revenue could be pretty big, if your webshop is not functioning the way it should. Problems occur often with Magento, but also with other webshop systems. At Highbiza we offer a solution: we convert your webshop. Meaning, later you will have a beautiful, quick operating webshop: resulting in countless conversions! Would you like a Magento, or other webshop, to be converted? Contact our webshop specialists and engineers now! 

Which webshops can we convert besides Magento? 

Magento is currently one of the most ‘problem causing’  webshop platforms. This means that we are mainly converting shops from this platform. However, we can convert other webshop systems as well. Think about the following platforms: - OpenCart- MijnWebwinkel- Woocommerce- Lightspeed- CCV Webshop- En more…Eventually it does not matter which webshop system we would have to convert for you. Quality is always guaranteed. 

Converting your webshop to which e-commerce platform? 

At Highbiza we provide Magento conversions and other webshop conversion to Oscar. Oscar is a qualitative system that knows many advantages: - Oscar is safe- Oscar functions very fast - Oscar needs little hosting capacity - Oscar is user friendly

Magento conversion, to another webshop system? Smart choice!

Customized service and long lasting webshop support by Highbiza: webshop experts 

At Highbiza we assure that you will be supported in the right way. We provide a flexible conversion traject, and will continue to support you intensively afterwards. We assure that your new webshop is always provided with the right installations and more! 

Magento conversion, or another webshop system to be converted? Good choice! Highbia is ready to support you

A webshop should function without any complications. Slow speed, complicated installations and bugs are not part of this. Unfortunately, Magento often experiences these problems. Would you like to have a webshop without problems like these? Convert your Magento webshop to Oscar done by Highbiza. At Highbiza we also convert other webshop systems, such as Wooncommerce and Shopify. We provide affordable conversion of your webshop with long lasting support of our webshop packages. Would you like to know first, what you can expect before spending money? That is possible: we offer the option to try a free demo. Ready to start with Highbiza for your webshop conversion? Contact us now and we will help you! 

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