More about Oscar

Many webshops still run on Magento 1.9 or perhaps even a lower version, the support of which will stop in June 2020.

This means choosing to transition to Magento 2.3 or a different qualitative webshop system, such as Oscar. Both replacement options are an equally large operation. Magento 2.0 is a completely new platform, not just a simple update. This transition is comparable to the transition to a completely new state-of-the-art webshop system like Oscar. In terms of costs and technology, however, a transition to Oscar is by far the most attractive option: it's safer, faster and more scalable, at considerably lower costs.

Because Highbiza is fully convinced of these advantages, we offer to convert your old Magento webshop to an Oscar webshop as a demo, completely free of charge.. We do this conversion at our own expense and risk because we're convinced that we can make you a great offer. Approximately 85% of our prospects take this step, to their full satisfaction.
Disadvantages of Magento
Magento has the following disadvantages:
  • Many webshop owners use an outdated version of Magento (1.x), while the latest version is now 2.3 
  • An update is really necessary, not in the least
  •  because Magento will stop the support in summer 2020 
  • This update to a higher version of Magento is even more far-reaching than the implementation of a completely new state-of-the-art website package, like Oscar 
  • Magento is characterized by slowness, which is the main reason for visitors to leave a website
  • This is because Magento has many functionalities that most webshops will never use
  • Despite this, Magento is difficult to customize 
  • That is why Magento needs a large (and therefore costly) hosting capacity 
  • From its background (php), Magento is very sensitive to automated hack attacks, which webshop owners don't want to expose their customers (and themselves) to (with the GDPR in mind) 
  • Magento always needs a continuous flow of updates to solve all kinds of holes and bugs 
  • Magento offers no support, instead you've got to turn to a community or to specialized companies.
Benefits of Oscar
Oscar has great advantages as state-of-the-art software:
  • Oscar is open source (where the webshop owner always owns and keeps the code) 
  • Oscar is incredibly fast, because only the components that are actually needed are built/active 
  • Because of the DRY (don't repeat yourself) principle in the code, the speed is further strengthened 
  • Because of the compact code Oscar needs only modest hosting capacity, which makes the management and use considerably cheaper 
  • Oscar is a safe non-php platform, virtually unaffected by automated hack attacks and hostage takings
  • Oscar is very well scalable, all desired extensions can easily be built
  • Oscar from Highbiza includes almost everything, so without hidden extra costs for all kinds of standard or extra specifications 
  • Major big parties work with Django Oscar: Google, Instagram, Netflix, Efteling, etc.


We do everything we can to safeguard you from all possible disturbances on your site, including, if desired, checks via penetration tests. We keep an eye on the server at the url level every two minutes. We ping the url and measure the response. The data is stored on a VPS in Schiphol, Amsterdam. This is encrypted and managed via SHA2 with double authentication. Authentication and authorization is organized on the basis of username and password, whereby additional measures like double authentication, or access behind a .htaccess are possible. In the event of emergencies such as a data breach, we will put a temporary page with relevant NAWTE data in place, analyze what has ensued and, if necessary, notify the national Data Protection Authority.

You have 100% control of and transparency over your data 24 hours a day throughout the week. Traceability is entirely possible, because we use dedicated hosting, which allows us to check all traffic from server logs. Unauthorized changes to systems and/or configuration are prevented by firewall settings that ensure that after three incorrect login attempts an IP address and/or a user is blocked, whereby additional measures are possible.  Auditing of the security takes place at least once every two months through automated and manual checks at server and cms level. Of course we ensure that the protection of the privacy of users and of personal data is guaranteed, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.