Our e-commerce solution Oscar

Many webshops still run on Magento 1.9 or perhaps even a lower version, the support of which stopped at the end of June 2020. This means that the webshop owner is faced with the choice of the transition to Magento 2.3 or to another webshop system, such as the high-quality Oscar.

Both replacement options have an equally large impact. Magento 2.0 (with subsequent versions) is a completely new platform, which means that migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 involves much more than a simple update would. In terms of work, the transition between the two Magento versions is comparable to the transition to a completely new state-of-the-art webshop system, such as Oscar.

In terms of costs and technology, a transition to Oscar is by far the most attractive option: with a webshop with Oscar with us, your webshop is safe, fast and easily scalable, at low costs.

Disadvantages of Magento

Magento has the following disadvantages:

  • Many web shop owners use an outdated version of Magento (1.x), while the latest version is now 2.3
  • An update is therefore really necessary, also because Magento stopped support at the end of June 2020
  • This update to a higher version of Magento is possibly even more radical than the implementation of a completely new state-of-the-art web shop package, such as Oscar
  • Magento is characterized by slowness and slowness is the main reason for website visitors to leave it
  • Magento is so slow because it has many functionalities that are never used by most web shops
  • Magento is difficult to tailor
  • Due to its size, Magento needs a lot (and therefore expensive) hosting capacity
  • Magento is also very sensitive to automated hacking attacks from its background (php), which web shop owners and their customers naturally want to avoid
  • Magento continuously needs updates to close all kinds of holes and fix bugs
  • Magento itself does not provide support, help can be sought from a community or specialized companies.

Advantages of Oscar

Oscar as state-of-the-art software has major advantages:

  • Open source (where the web shop owner always owns and remains the code)
  • Oscar is super fast, because only what is needed is built and used
  • Due to the DRY principle in Oscar's code (don't repeat yourself), the speed is further enhanced
  • Due to the compact code, Oscar requires modest hosting capacity, which makes management and use considerably cheaper
  • Oscar is a secure non-PHP platform, virtually insensitive to automated hacking attacks and hostage-taking
  • The scalability is great; all desired extensions can easily be made
  • Oscar from Highbiza includes everything a webshop basically needs, additional costs for extra functionalities are clear in advance

Major large parties work with Django Oscar: Google, Instagram, Netflix, Efteling, etc.

How does it work?

1. Demo

Because Highbiza is fully convinced of our advantages, a demo webshop is created for every potential customer without obligation, in which we display part of the old Magento webshop for you in an Oscar webshop.

We build such a demo at our own expense and risk, because we are sure that we can make you a very good offer. A large number of our prospects take this step to their full satisfaction.

apply for demo

2. Talk

After we have created your demo webshop within a few workdays, we will be happy to call you for a conversation about all aspects of this demo, and how we can improve your webshop.

With the features list at hand, you always have insight into the costs and the associated possibilities and impossibilities. During our conversation we put together the various features of your website in consultation.

request talk

3. Feature choice

You can also check our features page after the conversation to see if there are any parts you still want to add. Thanks to this transparent method, you know from the first contact where you stand in terms of costs.

For a small number of features their additional costs depend on a number of individual features. We also like to be clear about this in contact.


4. Subscription offer

Based on the features that we have put together in consultation, we make the quotation for your new webshop (s). The content of this will yield few surprises. We work with subscriptions with a term of 2 years from € 89 per month. Depending on the feature choice, an additional amount can be added once or monthly.

You sign the order confirmation and give us permission for a number of things, after which we will include the construction of your webshop in the planning.

5. Webshop build

When you have confirmed the order, we plan the construction of your webshop. Our developers will then get to work on taking over content, products, etc. from your current webshop. If you want to have a completely new webshop made, you can enter the content and products yourself, of course we can also do that for you, at an additional cost.

All other functionalities are also made for you.

During construction we keep in regular contact to make sure that what we are doing is what you want.

6. Delivery of the webshop

The best moment in the construction of a website is of course the delivery and going live.
This also includes an official moment: signing the delivery statement.
Of course our interference does not end after this.

7. During subscription term

During the subscription period we take care of the hosting and security patches for your webshop. We are therefore available five days a week for support questions.

8. After the subscription term

We believe that a website owner should be free to choose which development party he or she wants to do business with. That includes free software.
Depending on the choice you make, you will receive the website source code without hindrance immediately after the subscription period. You are and remain in charge of your own company and can choose to continue the subscription for your webshop after the period of two years (with one month's notice period).
You can also fill in hosting or further development yourself by a third party. You will then have unimpeded access to your site under an open source license.

Convert a webshop? We are at your service

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