The importance of converting a Magento Online Store to a better system

Are you still working with the outdated Magento system? More and more Online Store owners are considering a Magento conversion. Magento 1.9, or even Magento 2.0 (or higher) Online Stores are being converted. But why is it so important to consider a webshop conversion? We can explain this to you at Highbiza. And next to explaining the situation, we can make sure we will convert your Magento Shop to a much better working webshop: the Class A Oscar webstore system. Do you want to talk to us directly? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Magento conversion to a better Online Store system: Magento isn’t functioning how it should…

Complaints about Magento are stacking up. More and more webstore owners are converting their webstores to better working platforms. Magento is slow… Also, Magento needs an enormous hosting capacity, while a lot of options are still not functioning optimally. And this is not the only problem with Magento…

Did you know about Magento’s decision to stop support for Magento 1.x?

As of June 2020, Magento will quit support for Magento 1.9 shops (and lower versions). Because of this, an update to Magento 2.0 (or higher) is necessary. The problem with this update: it is very disruptive. The loss of support for Magento 1.x is becoming to be a real problem…

The importance of converting a Magento Online Store to a better system

Magento conversion to Oscar

At Highbiza, we will convert your Magento webstore to the high quality Oscar system. The Oscar platform is built on a very strong framework. In the world of E-commerce, Oscar is proving to be a very powerful player. Of course; it is not without any reason that a lot of Online Store owners are choosing to convert their webstores. At Highbiza, we will make sure your Online Store is converted the right way. We offer affordable webstore packages to make sure you don’t pay to much!Try a demo first…

Are you convinced of the importance of a Magento conversion? Highbiza will fix it!

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