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At this moment e-commerce is booming. Around the world there are millions of active webshops. Of all of those webshops, many are still Magento based. However, more and more webshop owners choose to convert a Magento shop. But, a Magento migration process, can that be done fast, qualitative and cheap? At Highbiza, yes. We convert your webshop to the scalable platform calledOscar. Through this way, you are ensured of high quality and speed. Are you interested in the Magento migration services from Highbiza? Do not hesitate and contact us. We will happily explain more to you!

Why converting a Magento shop?

A Magento shop does often not function the way it should. Many entrepreneurs are bothered by the slow speed of Magento. Besides, the costs are high and updates and installations are constantly requested. Did you know that Magento also ceases the support for Magento 1.9 and lower? Meaning, there is no support for you when you have any issues regarding your webshop… But, what would be a solution for this?

Oscar as a replacing system: super scalable and qualitative

At Highbiza we convert your slow Magento webshop to Oscar. Oscar is known for its high scalability. Oscar has a powerful and easy expandable core. Every part can easily be replaced, expanded or dismissed. This scalability is typical for the super fast and even affordable system Oscar!

High scalability after Magento migration| Highbiza

Customized service and quality of Highbiza

At Highbiza we convert your Magento shop to Oscar. With this, we ensure that the quality remains. Everything that can be improved will be improved. Ofcourse, this will be discussed with you first. We would like to make sure you will have way more conversions than when you were still working with Magento. Converting your Magento webshop? Then you are in the right place with the specialized team from Highbiza.

Start the conversion of a Magento shop? Highbiza arranges it quickly and affordable!

An affordable Magento webshop conversion: is that possible? At Highbiza, yes. We offer you different types of webshop packages, through which the conversion can be done for your Magento shop. Besides, we ensure qualitative service. We will make sure you are not alone. Preparation is half of the job. Hence, try our free demo, so you know what you can expect later on. Would you like to start with the migration of your Magento shop to a super scalable e-commerce platform? Do not hesitate, and contact our webshop professionals. We are happy to explain to you what we can do for you!

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