Frequently Asked Questions


Do I really only pay € 89 per month for a webshop with you?

We can build a webshop for you for free with all the features that are necessary for a webshop to function. If you do not choose extra functionalities, we will make the webshop free for you and you only pay € 89 per month for your 3-year standard subscription. Included in the standard subscription is the basic webshop, hosting and security patches. After two years, you can cancel the subscription with a notice period of one month, or let the subscription continue.

Can i ask for changes on the demo webshop that you made?

We will create a demo webshop for you for free containing some of your products and a number of content pages. We do this on the basis of the standard features in combination with the blocks that we use to build the appearance of your new webshop. There is never customization in this demo webshop. If you want to convert the demo webshop into a real webshop, we will put together the functionalities and appearance of your webshop. You will then receive a quotation in which your wishes are included and based on the additional price as stated on the features page. If you really want custom work, something we have not built yet, that is of course also possible. You then pay a one-off amount for this customization.

How do I know which features my website needs?

The features page has a large selection of features. If you currently have a webshop that you want to transfer to an Oscar webshop, you can check which parts you want to return. If you don't have a webshop yet, it may be more difficult to know which features you want to use. Of course we would be happy to schedule a meeting with you to discuss and see which functionalities are most suitable to meet your needs.

Which services and products are included in the standard subscription?

The construction of the basic webshop, hosting and security patches and the basic support are included in the standard subscription. Basic support is support with regard to the accessibility and functioning of the website as a whole. In other words, whether the website is "on the air". Paid features increase the monthly amount. Expanding the support is one of the possibilities of the paid features. There are two variants: medium support and extra support.

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