Don’t wait too long: convert your Magento webstore

We are living in a world of e-commerce: everybody buys and sells products online. Are you running a webstore? And are you using Magento as a platform for this? Then: the chance is great that you are being confronted by different negative effects. Magento isn’t what it used to be anymore… Magento is slow and very expensive. Also: Magento needs a lot of installations and updates. But what to do about this? Highbiza offers a good solutions. We can convert your Magento webstore to a qualitative webstore system: Oscar. Are you interested in Online Store conversion? You can always contact us: we are here to help and make a success of your Magento conversion.

No more Magento 1.9 (and lower versions) support

So Magento is slow, expensive and working with it is rather frustrating. But did you know Magento is quitting support for Magento 1.9 (and lower versions)? This means that if you’re Magento 1.x store is having problems, you are on your own. This is unacceptable. A webstore needs a channel of support if needed. Luckily: we offer a good solution!

Rebuilding a webstore on another platform… But which platform?

So, you might consider rebuilding your Magento store on a better e-commerce platform. But what platform should this be? Highbiza converts your Magento webstore to the Class A system Oscar. Oscar is a high quality e-commerce system with a lot of benefits:- Oscar can be 5 times faster than Magento- Oscar can be 50% cheaper than Magento - Oscar is very fast- Oscar is very safe: no more automated hack-attacks- Oscar is scalable: the options are endless- And a lot more…This must sound good for you… Highbiza will convert your webstore to Oscar; exactly how you want it to be (after conversion).

Don’t wait too long: convert your Magento webstore

We also convert other webstore platforms

Are you running your webstore on another platform? No worries: we can also convert other webstore systems to Oscar. Below a couple of systems that we convert regularly:- Woocommerce- Lightspeed- Open Cart- Shopify

Switch from Magento to Oscar with the help of Highbiza

Are you considering a switch from Magento to a better e-commerce platform? Highbiza takes care of the whole process. And through our Online Store Packages, you can count on long term support. Interested? Just contact us, and let us explain the benefits of Magento webstore Conversion!

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