Custom made Online Store: Magento to Oscar| Highbiza

A custom made webstore: what does this actually mean? And how can you make sure a converted webstore is ‘custom made’? At Highbiza, we are ready to help you with building and converting webstores. We are experts in converting Magento webstores. Are you a Magento store owner and are you considering a switch to a better Online Store program? At Highbiza, we can convert your webstore to the qualitative Oscar e-commerce system. Do you want to speak to one of our Online Store specialists immediately? Do not hesitate to contact us!

The general conversion from Magento to better e-commerce platforms

Have you heard about the difficulties that are defining Magento at this moment? Magento isn’t working as good as it used to… The php e-commerce platform is being defined by slowness and disruptive installations. Also; Magento will stop giving support to owners of Magento 1.9 shops (and lower versions). A heavy update to Magento 2.0 seems mandatory… Or not? At Highbiza, we will convert your Magento webstore to the qualitative Oscar system.

Magento rebuild: why Oscar as the new platform?

We use Highbiza as e-commerce platform when we rebuild and convert Magento webstores. Oscar has a lot of benefits:

  • Oscar has a powerful core
  • Oscar is very usable
  • Oscar is defined by high speed
  • Oscar is safe
  • Options are endless (high scalability)
  • And more…
Custom made Online Store: Magento to Oscar| Highbiza

Custom made webstores by Highbiza?

When we convert your Magento webstore to Oscar, we make sure we listen carefully. We will convert all your wishes along with the webstore. This way, the result is custom made. And to top it all of: we will improve your renewed webstore wherever we can.

Affordable Online Store packages for conversion Magento shops

At Hgihbiza, we convert your Online Store at a low price. Our services are affordable, but still very qualitative. We will convert your webstore efficiently and make sure you get wat you wanted. Curious about what the costs are at Highbiza? Take a look at our affordable webstore conversion packages.

Interested in building a webstore affordably, or in converting your Magento store?

Do you want to convert your Magento webstore to a better system? A system, that has no issues with slowness an isn’t even half as expensive? At Highbiza, we will make sure your webstore is converted the right way to Class A e-commerce system Oscar. Do you have any questions about our services, Magento or Oscar? Contact us, and we will help you out!

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