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Up to 2.500 products Up to 5.000 products Unlimited amount of products
Contract duration 5 years
Initial sum € 0 € 0 € 0
Monthly payment € 89 € 119 € 149
Contract duration 3 years
Initial sum € 2.499 € 3.249 € 3.999
Monthly payment € 79 € 109 € 139
Contract duration 1 years
Initial sum € 4.999 € 6.499 € 7.999
Monthly payment € 69 € 99 € 129
Initial sum Starting at € 7.999 Starting at € 7.499 Starting at € 7.999
Monthly payment Starting at € 199 Starting at € 199 Starting at € 199
Customization Options
Data access with CRM / ERP Google shopping feed feed Amazon feed
Product configurators Afterpay Credit facilities for customers All your own wishes

Above prices are exclusive of VAT. Intermediate upgrading is always possible, with an increasing number of products, as well as any interim buy-out. Otherwise the prices are fixed during the term. You will receive a completely converted webshop, based on a demo, including maintenance, hosting and management and security patches. 

This includes a very extensive package of services with no additional costs. Accessing data systems is extra customization. 

After the contract duration you'll have unrestricted access to your site under an open source license. Of course you can agree on a new period with us. You can also fill in (or have filled) hosting or further development in-house by a third party.

Always inclusive

Every package from Highbiza is always complete including:
  • A new, fast, secure and scalable Django Python/Oscar website 
  • Quality hosting 
  • SSL certificate (without domain and organization validation) 
  • Security patches during the term 
  • The number of transactions according to the chosen package 
  • A large number of products, up to unlimited 
  • 15 user accounts 
  • Responsiveness 
  • Omnichannel possibilities 
  • Product filters
  • Multilingualism support for back-end and front-end 
  • Import and export tools 
  • SEO optimization 
  • Google Analytics 
  • All common payment options: iDEAL, credit card, PayPal, AfterPay 
  • One-step checkout 
  • Return management 
  • E-mail support 
  • Social media 
  • Discount rules
  • Access for large amounts of users 
  • Cloud backup for data 
  • Create unlimited content pages 
  • Free content addition 
  • Many links: Google Maps, Mailchimp etc. 
  • Forms 
  • Manual for working with Oscar, digital and screencast.


The following features are optional:

  • Domain validation and organizational validation: € 225 per year excl. VAT (price per domain extension)
  • Training session with contract duration up to 3 years
  • Connection with external data systems such as AFAS, EXACT, SAPP, MS DYNAMICS is based on a customized quotation. 


The hosting of your website is defaultly invested with one of the most professional hosting parties in the Netherlands with extensive experience with Django Python and Oscar.