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Many people work with a webshop system that they actually want to get rid of. But, how to do this? The thought prevails that the conversion of a webshop is pretty expensive. Is this really true? Imagine: you are using the php platform of Magento. You know that Magento as a costs a lot of money. Magento is expensive in many ways, so the thought goes that converting a Magento webshop will also be expensive. Here at Highbiza we can reassure you: an affordable conversion of Magento is possible. We convert your webshop to a qualitative system, called Oscar. Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are always ready to advise you.

First of all: why convert Magento?

Magento works on a php platform. This platform needs an enormous hosting capacity. That being said, this is due to the unneeded burden that is being brought on by Magento. This means that Magento overal slow. A slow webshop, especially at the front end, can have nasty consequences: you could think of a low conversion ratio, of even ‘bouncing’ clients. Next to this, Magento stopssuppporting for Magento versions of 1.9 and lower. This makes that converting a Magento webshop is definitely attractive. However, can this be done affordably?

50% lower costs with converting Magento

At Highbiza we provide the conversion of your Magento webshop for a fair price. We work with special webshop packages, due which its possible to be spread and affordably work on your Magento conversion. Additionally, the system we convert to, Oscar, will on the long term also be at least 50% cheaper than Magento. Oscar is more affordable on needed hosting capacity, management and more.

Webshop conversion to Oscar, done by Highbiza!

Would you like to convert your Magento webshop? Then Highbiza is the perfect choice for you. We can provide the conversion of your website affordably. Moreover, when you choose us you can count on service and quality. At Highbiza we habe been working for years with different webshop systems. Our certified programmers and webshop designers know exactly how they need to convert your webshop.

Interested in a good webshop conversion? Contact us!

Are you working with Magento, or another webshop system that you are not satisfied with? You would like to convert your webshop affordably. Here at Highbiza we can help you: we provide a webshop conversion to Oscar. Oscar is cheap, Oscar is fast and Oscar is safe. With this all your problems will be solved. Would you first like to know what the approximate costs will be? In that case, it is possible to request a free demo with us. The free demo gives a good insight on what you can expect, without accumulating direct costs. Do you have more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, we would be more than happy to help you! 

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