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Having a webshop is almost a necessity nowadays to be able to compete in the ‘world of e- commerce’. In the Netherlands over 80.000 entrepreneurs are having a webshop. This is quite a big number! This also means that the importance of having a proper functioning webshop is a big concern. Sometimes it is needed to convert your current webshop to facilitate a proper functioning one. It is a fact that there are several webshop systems that function below required. The question arising is logical: is converting a webshop expensive? At Highbiza we can convert your webshop affordably: please continue reading this article. Already questions regarding the services provided by Highbiza? Please feel free to contact our specialists. We are ready to support you.

Why convert your webshop at all?

There are several different webshop systems with which problems occur. You could think for example about Magento. Magento was once known as qualitative webshop system. Nowadays, Magento does not function anymore as it should:

  • Magento is slow and needs lots of hosting capacity
  • The scalability of Magento is low
  • Magento is expensive
  • And many more...

The conversion of a webshop is in this case a good choice. Same goes for situations where you might use another webshop system that you would like to get rid of. Think for example about converting Wooncommerce or Shopify.

Building a new webshop affordably | Highbiza

Building a new webshop?

Ofcourse there are also situations in which you would like to build a completely new webshop. Or it might be possible that the converting step is looking like the perfect situation to do so, or you would like to start with online sales. Whichever it may be: Highbiza is ready to design or convert your webshop.

De affordable services of Highbiza

At Highbiza we are designing your webshop affordably, or converting your webshop affordably. Affrodably does not mean that we have to replace this with lack in quality. We build your webshop to the qualitative system called Oscar. With Oscar you will have a well functioning webshop with many advantages. Next to this, it also means that we provide longlasting support. This is to make sure your new Oscar webshop will continue to function sustainable after the conversion.

Building a new, or converting an old webshop affordably? At Highbiza we are ready to support you!

Building a new webshop? We can arrange it for you. We will arrange all aspects of service and support. Did you know that we work with beneficial webshop packages? That way, you will save a lot of money during the conversion of your webshop. Would you first like to try a free demo before you start your conversion? That is possible here at Highbiza! Next to this, you can always contact us if you have any questions. The Highbiza webshop specialists are ready to assist you.

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