Affordable conversion of Magento? Yes, it’s possible!

Are you still working with Magento and are you considering to convert your webshop? It could be that you might think it is an expensive and intensive process. With us at Highbiza this is not the case. We can convert your webshop affordably to a better system. We find it important to make sure that no conversions of your webshop are getting lost due to slow loadingspeed. Custom work and quality is important to us. Would you like to speak directly to one of our Highbiza webshop specialists? Stop hesitating and contact us now! Our programmers and webshop engineers are ready to support you.  

First of all: Why converting Magento? 

Magento does not work anymore the way it once used to work. Magento is a php-platform, on which slow loading speeds (also on the frontpage!) are typical. It is also that Magento does need a lot of maintanence. Next to this, Magento will stop soon with their support for Magento 1.x versions. Due to this, there are very little reasons not to convert your Magento webshop. However, it is important to be assured that your replacing webshop is indeed better ... 

Secondly: Converting Magento to...? 

With us at Highbiza we convert your webshop to Oscar. Oscar is a qualified ‘Class A’ webshop system. Oscar is very scalable, safe and super fast. Oscar can work up to 5 times faster than Magento, without needing a lot of hosting capacity for this. The most enjoyable part: Oscar is very affordable! 

Affordable conversion of Magento? Yes, it’s possible!

50% lower costs by the conversion of your Magento shop! 

Did you know that Oscar is at least 50% cheaper than Magento 2.0 shops? Due to this, the update from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.0 directly becomes a bad choice. In this scenario, it is a better idea to convert to Oscar. Conversion to Oscar is cheaper on several aspects: - Low conversion costs at Highbiza compared to an update to Magento 2.x- Low management costs- Low costs hosting

Converting Magento affordably to Oscar, a ‘State of the Art’ system? Choose the service from Highbiza! 

Are you bothered by the low loading speed of Magento? Would you like to convert your webshop, but are you hesitating thinking that this will cost you a lot of money? Here at Highbiza we provide affordable conversion of your Magento webshop. In this way you will also reach a higher conversion ratio. Not only Oscar is a cheaper option, Highbiza is provding all services affordably, including long term maintenance. We work with helpful webshop packages , all fully thought-through. Would you like to speak to one of our webshop specialists? You can contact us here. We will advise you from A to Z about all options. 

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